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Letter to Dhaka from EU to mark the European Day against the Death penalty

The European Union has expressed hope that Bangladesh, as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, will take all necessary actions to implement the UN resolutions, and thus fully contribute to the enhancement of fundamental rights and human dignity in the world.

EU heads of missions in Dhaka said this in their letter to mark the European Day against the death penalty and the World Day against the Death Penalty.

The EU observes the European Day and the World Day against the Death Penalty, on 10 October.

The EU reaffirmed its principled opposition to the use of the death penalty and reiterates that capital punishment is inhumane and unnecessary. "No legal system is flawless; any miscarriage of justice could lead to the tragic loss of an innocent life," the letter reads. In this letter, EU asks Dhaka to enhance rights and dignity.