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Panic in the banking sector, 70 officers have been arrested in last six months

In the last six months, 70 bank officials have been arrested in various stages by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). However, they could not reach many of the mastermind of the fraud. The banking sector has made some kind of a panic. Last Thursday, the deputy general manager of Janata Bank loan scam Bismillah Group (DGM) was arrested. The case was arrested two DGM Bismillah Group, one of the accused in the same case said. Abdus Salam Azad, Deputy Managing Director of Janata Bank (DMD) is served. Despite the government's case, he was promoted. Meanwhile, the three state banks, three former managing director (MD) to take custody of the accused, but not yet submitted to them. They bank Humayun Kabir, Kazi Fakhrul Islam and the leading bank in the bank Syed Abdul Hamid. However, the gold and sue emadidera financial scandal of the Board of Directors of the bank until now has not been the case. However, the country's biggest financial scandal in the history of the two. According to the ACC, the new chairman of the new commission, headed by Iqbal Mahmud, after 193 days, a total of 317 people have been arrested. Officials of the bank is 70, and 41 people were arrested on charges of embezzlement of bank loans. ACC chairman said first light on Iqbal Mahmood, who took the money from the bank, the money must be paid back. The abuse of power by those who have debt, they should be earning money. ACC power of arrest has been extended in recent years. The agency has the legal authority to arrest anyone in search stage. They are power. There is praise as well as criticism of the ACC operation. Bankers are scared. Public Works Mosharraf Hossain also criticized the illegal arrest of two officers. Association of Bankers, Bangladesh (ABB), Chairman and Managing Director of Mutual Trust Bank Anis A. Khan on Thursday said first light, "ABB met us at the top level of the government and the Bank of entrepreneurs expressed concern. If you come to fear the stagnation banking, which affect the whole economy. However, those who are guilty, we have no objection to them to take action. "However, the people concerned with the financial sector, this sector will benefit not drive if you do not bring corruption under the law. Banking and financial sectors, small and medium-level officials and the arrest of some of the panic and fear could be made. Some think that corruption can not be found easily at any time, and they will face the law has come to corrupt the message. The former cabinet secretary Ali Imam Majumder, who are corrupt, they create an environment that would have been terrified. However, the operation of the redeemed-anonymous one can not take that opportunity to extortion, the crime commission advised to stay alert. Strict banking sector ACC: June 9 on charges of illegally lending leading banks filed against eight former managing director Syed Abdul hamidasaha. After duty in the afternoon on the day of the MD Mizanur Rahman Khan was arrested by the ACC. He was granted bail. Moon Group chairman Mizanur Rahman was arrested in the same case. Fired and retirees, as well as the bankers were arrested karmaratarao. Cash officer from the public and private banks in the mid-level officials. The senior officials are sacked extra Bangladesh Commerce Bank Managing Director Muhammad Asaduzzaman, the Assistant Vice President (AVP) Iftekhar Hossain; Standard Bank's former AVP, branch manager Hussain Ahmad of the country; Former Deputy Managing Director and Head of AB Bank loan, later Bangladesh Bank General Manager (contract) Badrul Haque Khan; Al-Arafah Islami Bank's former Senior Vice President. Shaukat Islam; Islamic banks were former AVP. Enamul Haque; Narayanganj Corporate Branch, former Principal Officer of the bank. Nuruzzaman; Bhaluka former bank branch manager said. Ekramul Haque Khan, Senior Principal Officer. Asaduzzaman; Rupali Bank Branch Manager Farid Ahmed Nawabganj; Principal Officer of the bank branch leading Bangshal. Farooq Ahmed. Adults beyond the reach of the banking and financial sector-related ones, without the approval of the Board of Directors on behalf of the lending bank officials is not possible. The Basic bank fraud, Hall-Mark scam and bank officials have been accused of Bismillah Group scam. Basic Four and a half billion bank fraud case, the bank's former board chairman Sheikh Abdul Hye Bachchu and without him being involved in the discussion of the 56 cases filed last year. 7 of these cases, the bank's board of directors in several of the officers accused in the case, but no one has been convicted. The cases are being searched. 5. Loan officers searched the 11 were arrested. But Abdul Hai, or until the Board of Directors has not been questioned by anyone. Basic bank fraud in connection with the inspection report of Bangladesh Bank has been talking to Abdul Hye liability. Finance Minister AMA Muhith said the bank "harilutera behind Abdul Hye Bachchu involved," he said several times. The minister did not convict him on several occasions expressed dissatisfaction. Finance Ministry parliamentary committee summoned members of the committee expressed their dissatisfaction with the ACC, the ACC did not attend any of the officers. Hall-Mark scam members of the Board of Directors of the bank's former chairman Kazi Baharul Islam explore without them, but the charge was. Bismillah Group Bank officials have been accused of fraud. The three state-owned banks emadidera of the three accused in the scandal, two sources confirmed that the country had run out. Another bail. Humayun Kabir, a former managing director of the bank during the tenure of the loan, the bank's biggest scandal occurred. However, before the publication of the scandal went into retirement. Bangladesh Bank report mainly blamed him for the Hall-Mark scam. He was one of the accused in the case of the ACC. The ACC, the bank did not have one for him. He is currently in Canada to be heard. Kazi Fakhrul Islam, a former managing director of the bank fraud case, the bank 014 on May 5 by removing the Bangladesh Bank. In 015 cases, 48 times out of 56, he accused the ACC. He has not been seen in public since his removal from the bank. He has gone out of the country to avoid arrest, and he has seen in Malaysia, several sources confirmed. Syed Abdul Hamid, a former managing director of a leading bank in the bank's loan has a term of six years, twice, five times the profit decline. After a few rounds on July 9 was the last workday extension. However, 10 days before the removal of the Bangladesh Bank. Group unfair advantage over the Sun Moon filed against him on June 9. MD Mizanur Rahman Khan was arrested in the case, the bank could not arrest ACC Syed Abdul Hamid. He was granted bail on August 1. The High Court, in an appeal against the bail order, ACC lawyer Khurshid Alam Khan said. Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled, former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank, the first light, "who have looted public money, the Commission did nothing about them earlier. The current leadership has been active in this regard, he welcome them. Of course it will contribute to the prevention of corruption in the financial sector. But they have to be careful, priority will be to fix. Large corrupt before shipping to be identified. 'Powers of arrest without trial: the investigation stage could not arrest anyone suspected of ACC. This was the first stage of the investigation, ie after the case was filed. For the ACC Act, section 004 of the two has been fixed. The amended law was published on June 1. Act before the case is referred to the search process. The next program is called to investigate the case. The capacity of the new law, the Commission official in charge of the search and investigation officer (OC) will enjoys. The overall topic of international anti-corruption organization Transparency International, Bangladesh (TIB) Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman said first light, when the law will face corruption, is possible to corrupt the message. The ACC is being made in the field of human trust and confidence. There are risks as well as the ability apabyabaharerao. Iftekharuzzaman Another thing to keep in mind that one of the accused not guilty, he can be mean. So dudakerai responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the arrest after the arrest. If the person can not legally prove that the ACC acts of crime may be questioned.