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Awami League leader is arrested in connection with violence in Nasirnagar

Police have arrested Awami League leader Sheikh Abdul Ahad for exploiting the religious issue and triggering a recent attack on the Hindu community, vandalizing and looting their property in Nasirnagar.

The police picked up him from his home in the village Ghoshpara Tuesday afternoon.

Ahad was the joint general secretary of Nasirnagar Upazila unit committee of Awami League and a Union Parishad chairman. He contested the recent UP election as a rebel candidate but lost.

Ahad was arrested in connection with two attacks on houses and temples of Hindu people in Nasirnagar on 30 October, said the officer-in-charge of Nasirnagar police station Abu Zafar. Ahad, taken to the detectives' office after the arrest, is expected to be produced before the court on Wednesday.