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RMG factories are set to reopen today

RMG factories, which were closed on 20th December by the owners in response to the workers' strike, are set to resume today.

After a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday, BGMEA President Siddiqur Rahman made the announcement at an emergency press conference at his office in Dhaka.

Siddiqur hoped the workers would rejoin work. In the wake of workers’ strike in Savar’s Ashulia, owners of 59 RMG factories shut down their manufacturing units in line with Article 13(1) of the Labour Act on December 20.

Siddiqur urged the workers to behave responsibly, saying their contribution helped the RMG sector to reach the high level that it is today.

When asked about workers’ wages, the BGMEA president said they would be paid as per the Labour Act.