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Dhaka Welcomes Chinese President Today

In a two-day state visit, Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Dhaka on Friday. Chinese leader's visit is very important in creating a new chapter in bilateral economic relations. The government of Bangladesh has taken signficant measures to succeed Chinese president's visit. He will be on the red carpet reception. After a long 30 years, the Chinese President's visit to Bangladesh is looking quite seriously. During the visit, the Chinese president will be given the highest honor and mayarda. Upon entering to the airspace of Bangladesh, the plane carrying the president of China, two jets of Bangladesh Air Force will escort the plane. Special plane carrying him and his entourage at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport around 11 am. The President would welcome him at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. VIP road from the airport to Bangabhaba will be covered with banners and phestune to welcome the Chinese counterpart. Streets are full with the hanging pictures of Xi Jinping, Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali told a news conference on Thursday on the occasion of the Chinese leader's visit to Dhaka, the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, bringing confidence among world leaders about Bangladesh. Ekusabara-gun salute on his arrival at the airport after the army, navy and air force, comprising members of the guard of honor will be the president of China, a smartly turned out contingent. Chinese President take salute from the podium, and the President will visit with the Guard. At that time, the national anthems of the two countries will be sung. Chinese president through a ceremonial motorcade to the airport formalities will be taken to a hotel in La meridiyane. Chinese President Xi Jinping tomorrow at 3 pm to 10 will hold official talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her office. After the meeting, several agreements and memorandums of understanding signed formal duneta not. Chinese President Xi Jinping 6pm 30 minutes to meet with President Abdul Hamid. After the meeting, the President will attend a dinner hosted. Earlier, Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury at 4 pm Hotel La meridiyane will meet with Chinese President. Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Dhaka on Saturday on the second day of the National Memorial at Savar in 1971, will pay tribute to the martyrs of the Liberation War. At ten o'clock on Saturday, Xi will leave for Goa, India. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will leave him at the airport. Chinese President's visit, as well as 33 members of his 13-member delegation of government officials and 34 members of the security officials and media workers remain. Jiyananiyanera Chinese President Lee's visit to Bangladesh in March 1986 after three decades of the first Chinese president to visit Bangladesh. Xi's entourage, including the Communist Party of China Central Committee Political byuarora (sisisipisi) hunim Wang, a member of the sacibali sisisipisira janasu, State Councilor Yang jiyechi, Foreign Minister Wang Ji, Minister of National Development and Reform Commission (enadiarasi) Xu saosi, Finance Minister low jiyei, hucem Minister of Commerce, People's Bank of China Governor jho jiyaocuyana, Three financial and economic Affairs office director Liu O, sisipisira executive deputy head of the general office jujiyam Ding, Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh migakiyam mother, sisisipisira saojuna Wang, deputy head of the general office, and Assistant Secretary of State juyanaiu Kong.