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PHDs Rising Jobs Flat

Scientists and policymakers around the world increasingly worry about the plight of young researchers in academia, and for good reason. Competition for tenure-track positions has surged, and some early-career researchers face tough odds in the quest for funding. As a result, many see lower pay-offs for their efforts in preparing and writing grant applications. Although everyone is under pressure, those just starting out seem to feel the impacts more acutely.

While the number of graduates showed significant growth, government funding for research has plateaued or declined in many countries. In most important funder, success rate is below 20%.

Young researchers are under huge pressure as they are facing toughest competition in the world history. A survey by nature shows an active young academic is spending 20% of his time in teaching, 16% in writing research paper, 11% other administrative skill, 10% writing grant application, 5% data storage and 38% research. Remember, this is an idle situation while many of them are overloaded with teaching to survive. 

In this unhealthy competition, young researchers are entering into dirty tricks. Some of them preferred fast publication based on theoretical model. This strategy is working for them as the publication is the only measure is currently being taken in many countries including Australia for first criteria to filter.