Sunday, 21 Jan 2018 | 08:10 am (GMT)
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  • New Iran sanctions appear as old sanctions lift for nuclear deal compliance

Foreign Minister AHM Mahmoud Ali has met British MPs

Foreign Minister AHM Mahmoud Ali has informed about the activities of Bangladesh's socio-economic development to British politicians. On a three-day break in London on his way back home from UN General Assembly session in New York, Minister present various aspects of socio-economic development programs of current government of Bangladesh at Monday night local time. Britain's acting  Read more» 

A Bangladeshi expatriate was arrested with yaba in Kuwait airport

At Kuwait International Airport, 10,000 yaba tablets were found in possession of a Bangladeshi drug  Read more» 

Bangla Mela at Sydney: 18th December

‘Bangla Mela’ is one of the biggest Bengali Fair organized by Bangladeshi expatriates in Sydney.  Read more» 

Jewel Aich's Magic Night in Sydney

An evening show with the legendary magician Jewel Aich was organized by Bangla Academy in Sydney  Read more» 

Senior Lecturer, Kingston University

Labor appointed Rupa Huq as UK shadow minister for Home Affairs

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has appointed Bangladeshi-born Dr Rupa Huq, British Labour Party member of  Read more» 

Two Siblings Death in Jeddah

Two Bangladeshi brothers Shafiqul Islam (30) and Islam (38) have died while cleaning tank in Jeddah.  Read more» 

Sonali Bank (UK) fined $4.01m fined

The UK operations of Bangladesh's biggest bank, Sonali Bank, have been banned from accepting deposits  Read more» 

A magnificent cultural program in Toronto

A colorful cultural program meeting of two cultures, a wonderful mother earth and touched the  Read more» 

"Evening Bangladesh Summit ' organized by the Bangladesh High Commission in London

Bangladesh High Commission in London organized Bangladesh Evening Summit for the firs time.  The Summit was  Read more» 

the fate of 500 Bangladeshi in Germany is uncertain

The fate of more than 500 illegal Bangladeshis in Germany is uncertain. They have lost  Read more» 

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